Meeting Tomorrow at Lunch B216

Hi Everyone,

There is a meeting tomorrow at lunch in my classroom for all of you planning to travel to Europe in June. 

I'm glad to see that you guys are still so interested, and I want to encourage you to sign-up at Eftours, and begin planning some fundraising events, recruitment , and general money-making campaigns. 
I sent the following email to most of you, but some haven't seen it, so I'm sending it to everyone.

Have a great evening  

The following link will take to you to the student enrollment page
and simply click yes to begin the process.

The tour number is 1629363SF

            Please enroll as soon as you can, so we can prepare for the
group size. I believe we have the minimum requirement of six(6) students
and I'll take up to 35 students, with a chaperone for every 6 students we
have in our group.