I hope this site helps to better communicate with students, parents, and colleagues, what takes place in class in B216 . Check your daughter's/son's agendas regularly! You can best contact me, through email, and leave your phone number if you want me to contact you. 


Please know that this class also requires your prepared presence; you'll need  to bring books, supplies (paper and pen), binder, class hand-outs, downloaded hand-outs and homework such as essays, study questions, and projects, to share and discuss, demonstrating your understanding of what we read. So your access to resources on this site, will supplement the activities and discussion that take place in B216. 


I am working to make my classroom greener. In this spirit, I will post assignments online and resources to download when assigned. . Please let me know if you see any way I can improve this site, for its content or ease of access.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to a great year working with you.

Mariellen Webster, class teacher

email: m.webster@ecrchs.net